Final Fantasy XV screenshot of the Half-Life themed pack

[Update]: The demo is now live. You can download it by visiting Steam. Have fun!

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV has recently been pinned for a March 6th release date. Once it arrives it'll bring with it all of the content and patches currently available on the consoles (including all of the DLC), support for high-resolution graphical options and HDR 10, as well as some bonus content such as a brand new dungeon in the Insomnia City Ruins.

If you're currently wondering what the PC version is going to play like, and more importantly whether you're going to be able to run it at all, you'll be glad to hear that Square Enix will be releasing a free demo onto Steam tomorrow! It'll give you the ability to play through the tutorial and the entire first chapter, so you should get a pretty good idea of how the PC version controls, what the performance is like, and how much the visuals have been improved.

As an additional little bonus, Square Enix has also announced that all purchases before May 1st will be getting a free Half-Life themed pack to mess around with. As you might imagine, the pack will come with a HEV suit, scientist glasses, and naturally, a sturdy crowbar. The stylish beard is not included, however, so you'll have to provide your own if you truly want to impersonate Mr. Freeman.

You can learn more about Final Fantasy XV, or just download the demo the moment it becomes available, by heading over to Steam. And as a final note, here's a brief gameplay video showcasing the maxed-out PC visuals. Enjoy!