Disgaea 5 Complete official artwork and logo

The PC version of Disgaea 5 Complete was supposed to launch on May 7th, but was unfortunately delayed due to a major bug. Summer has since then arrived in force and as you're probably aware, Disgaea 5 Complete is still not available on PC. I'm afraid that's going to continue being the case for a few more months as the release date has once again been pushed back, this time until Fall of 2018.

On the positive side, I can tell you there will be a private beta starting in early October. Whether you'll need to pre-order Disgaea 5 in order to get, that I do not know, but at least we'll get a pretty darn good idea of just what the PC port is going to be like.

Once more information arrives I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can learn a little bit more about Disgaea 5 by visiting Steam.

And finally, I'll leave you with one of the "Game Overview" trailers. The video in question has been made with the Nintendo Switch version in mind so some of the controls might be unfamiliar, but it should still clue you in on what to expect from Disgaea 5 as a whole. Enjoy!