Red Legion Commander from Destiny 2

[Update 2]: Bungie has now released an official response. They have only banned 400 people, and none of them were banned for using an overlay or performance software, but rather for cheating.

[Update 1]: If you're using any software with an overlay (Mumble, Discord, etc.) there is a chance your account could get automatically banned. As such, I'd recommend waiting a couple of days for Bungie to sort this whole mess out.

[Original Story]: After a rather lengthy delay, the PC version of Destiny 2 has now finally appeared via Blizzard's Battle.Net client. Besides the improved visuals and performance, the PC version brings with it an uncapped framerate, support for resolutions up to 4K, and the usual batch of PC-exclusive options to fiddle with.

Whether its any good or not, however, that's a difficult question to answer. From what I've seen online most people agree that Destiny 2 is pretty damn fun, albeit short-lived. Unlike Destiny 1 the sequel barely has any endgame to speak of, and with the rewards being given out entirely at random there is almost no incentive to repeat some of the hardest dungeons out there. So if you're going to grab Destiny 2, make sure you're doing so for a 'one-and-done' type of playthrough or else you might just found yourself sorely disappointed.

If you would like to learn more about Destiny 2 and the story it brings with it, you should head over to the official website. And finally, let me leave you with the launch trailer. It should give you a decent idea of just what to expect from Destiny 2. Enjoy!