God Eater 3 screenshot of one of the giant monsters

During the recent celebration of God Eater's 8th anniversary Bandai Namco revealed that the upcoming action-RPG God Eater 3 will be coming to PC and PS4. Perhaps most importantly, they also shared a considerable amount of gameplay footage, though most of it was disjointed given that the developers were constantly stopping to explain all of the mechanics and weapons. This might seem amazing on first glance, but unfortunately the entire stream was in Japanese, so unless you can speak the language you're going to find yourself constantly fast-forwarding in order to get to the bits you can actually understand.

With that in mind, I am happy to say that Bandai Namco has now released a brand new and fairly condensed gameplay trailer. It's still entirely in Japanese, but thankfully beating up giant demon-monsters with oversized weaponry tends to translate over quite well! So if you're interested in seeing what God Eater 3 is all about, here's the trailer:

There is currently no release date set for God Eater 3, though Bandai Namco has said we'll be getting a full announcement in the "near future". Once it arrives I'll make sure to cover it, but if you would like to stay in the loop yourself you should head on over to the official website. Just don't expect to find much right now as the website is still fairly bare-bones given that we haven't had the actual reveal just yet.