A strange creature from the upcoming Pathologic game

The official remake/remaster of Pathologic was successfully Kickstarted back in 2014, gathering a rather sizable $333,127. Ever since then the developers were hard at work on building up a modern version of Pathologic, but as you can probably guess given the title, this was a harder task than anyone could've anticipated.

As such, the estimated delivery date of November, 2016 has been pushed back all the way to the autumn of 2017. Rather than leave you with absolutely nothing in the mean time, the developers have promised a playable demo in the next few months, and more interestingly, an official Steam page filled with new bits of info and screenshots. If you're wondering why exactly Pathologic is being delayed, here's a couple of choice quotes from the Kickstarter announcement:

"The original plans for the release date were set with the basic scope of the game in mind. It seems a bit immodest to admit, but we did include our first stretch goal, the Town Expanded, into that; but not the rest of them. The game has grown in scope now, so developing it properly requires additional time.

Also, the vision for this version of Pathologic has shifted during the development. What started as a humble rejuvenation of a classic beloved by the studio turned into a full-fledged reimagining rather quickly, but it took us time to realize what that truly entails. The corners that we were planning to cut turned into diamond quickly. However faithful to the original vision, this Pathologic is a new game in many aspects, from the engine to the concept art.

Our miscalculation was embarrassing, and we are fully prepared to accept the thoroughly-deserved stones you may be willing to throw in our general direction, but we want to do it right. If nothing else, the game itself deserves it.

Look at it this way: we can either mar our conscience by missing the deadline in a rather spectacular fashion, or by releasing a game that falls short on its promises. But only one of these outcomes leaves everybody with a good game in their library in the end."

While I can understand if some of you might feel angry given that you've already waited two years for Pathologic to arrive, the reality of the situation is simple: the developers can either release a half-baked prototype now and disappoint everyone forever, or delay the release for a while and hopefully recover all of that good will with some excellent gameplay. It might not be the best solution, but at the very least it shows that the developers truly do love their work.

However, if you would like to get your hands on a playable... thing, the developers have announced a playable prototype in the next couple of months. Its not going to be an alpha test, far from that, but rather a short spin-off story to showcase the mood, setting and gameplay you can expect to see from Pathologic. Naturally, it won't feature every in-game mechanic and many of the things you'll see there will be heavily changed by the time Pathologic launches, but it should still be an interesting thing to experience.

If you would like to refresh your memory or just learn a bit more about Pathologic, my advice would be to ignore the official website and simply head for the Kickstarter page. The developers have done a rather good job of explaining the premise.

Cultist and doctor from Pathologic

Pathologic's screenshot showing a statue in the rain