Obsidian's The Outer Worlds official artwork and logo

[Update]: The Outer Worlds is coming to Steam on October 23, 2020.

While Fallout 3 and 4 are certainly fun games, and ones that I've replayed a couple of times each, it is Fallout: New Vegas that I feel is the very best of the modern trilogy. It's a bit clunky and the gunplay isn't as good as Fallout 4's, sure, but Fallout: New Vegas really excels when it comes to the RPG elements and world-building, both things I value quite heavily!

With that in mind, I hope you can realize just how happy I am to say that the upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds seems to be following in Fallout: New Vegas' footsteps, just with more interesting combat and weapons! Here's what all of it looks like in-game:

While the classic Obsidian clunkiness is still present throughout the trailer, especially when the characters are running around, I must admit I don't particularly mind given that the core of the Fallout: New Vegas formula is present and accounted for. There's a variety of strange locations to explore, a variety of seemingly interesting factions to join, a variety of ways to roleplay your character, and perhaps most importantly, a variety of ways to be an absolute menace to society! So if the new weapons and abilities end up being fun to mess around with, I can already see myself just blazing through The Outer Worlds within a week!

My ramblings aside, the final thing worth mentioning is that The Outer Worlds will be coming to PC and consoles on October 25th! To learn a little bit more about The Outer Worlds, as well as follow any future updates, you should hop over to the official website.