Dungeon Keeper logo artwork

If you've never played the original Dungeon Keeper, and I'm specifically referring to the original here and not the free-to-play abomination EA dredged out from the depths of the abyss, you're in luck as Origin is currently offering it for free! What's the catch? You have to install Origin, but to be perfectly honest that shouldn't be too much of an issue given that Origin is a rather competent client, even though numerous people have made a hobby out of hating it.

You can find the download link by heading over here, but before you do allow me to hit you with a heavy dose of nostalgia - by which I mean the original (and extremely cheesy) trailer for Dungeon Keeper. Have a look... though given the video quality that might not be the best of ideas, so... have a listen:

As for whether Dungeon Keeper is worth your time - my answer would be a resounding yes! It is considered a classic for a good reason, and even though it may be nearly 20 years old now the gameplay and the humor still hold up to this very day. The graphics and some of the gameplay mechanics are obviously a bit dated, but if you're willing to overlook such things you'll easily find a good deal of joy with Dungeon Keeper. Have fun!