Car chase screenshot from the Mad Max game

Given how well-received the most recent Mad Max movie turned out to be, I don't think anyone was really surprised to see the official tie-in game appear shortly afterwards. What might have come as a surprise, however, is that the game actually ended up being good!

If you ever wanted to give it a try, but couldn't due to your platform not being supported, you'll be glad to hear that Mad Max just recently launched for both Linux and Mac. And best of all, if you own any PC version of the game (Windows or otherwise) you will have access to all three as Max Max supports the Steamplay function!

On the other hand, if you have absolutely no clue what this Max Max game even is, here's a brief video to hopefully bring you some enlightenment:

Now before you dive in, it is important to note that the system requirements are not exactly the same between the three versions. In other words, the Mac and Linux versions require significantly more powerful hardware to achieve the same effect as the Windows one. As such, I would recommend you first browse through the system requirements before opening your wallet, just in case!