Battlefield 1's Flamethrower screenshot

With Gamescom currently in full swing and Battlefield 1 gameplay being posted all over the Internet, EA has finally decided to reveal their plans for the open beta. According to the recent press release the open beta will begin on August 31st, which should give everyone plenty of time to test out Battlefield 1 before it finally releases on October 21st.

As an added bonus, players who sign up as a Battlefield Insider, a roundabout way of saying "sign up for the newsletter", will be eligible to receive early access to the Open Beta. This promotion will only last until August 21st, so if you wish to play Battlefield 1 as soon as possible, make sure to actually submit your email before the gates close down.

As far as the actual beta is concerned, you will be able to play two of the most popular game modes - Conquest and Rush - on the new Sinai Desert map. The map will support up to 64 players and come with an Armored Train behemoth (no idea what this is, but it sounds amazing!), rideable horses and three new Elite Classes - Sentry, Tank Hunter, and yes, the Flame Trooper.

If you're still not sure if Battlefield 1 is something you might be interested in, here's around an hour of gameplay and commentary from EA's recent Gamescom presentation: