Escape from Tarkov screenshot of a rundown building

Escape from Tarkov is an atmospheric online shooter with RPG and survival elements, as well as a fully fledged story campaign set in open-ended levels. If all of that sounds to you like one hell of an undertaking, you would be absolutely right, but apparently Escape from Tarkov has managed to achieve most of its planned features given that it has just recently transitioned into a Closed Beta state.

In order to get into the Closed Beta you will need to purchase one of the early access packages, after which you will receive your key in one of the upcoming waves, no later than the end of next week. But first things first, here's what exactly the current state of Escape from Tarkov looks like, and more importantly, what it plays like:

The Closed Beta has brought with it numerous improvements and new features over the earlier versions, including the first part of the largest zone - Shoreline. It also sports a variety of new weapons and modifications to play around with, interesting new locations to loot and explore, a rebalanced economy and more useful items, as well as a general chat to help facilitate raids or just plain ol' banter. As for the future, you can expect to see the quest system making its way to the Closed Beta shortly, though the exact release date hasn't been given just yet.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you can check out more gameplay videos or just look up the lore by heading over to the official website. Much like the quest system, there is no currently no concrete release date set for Escape from Tarkov, but if I was a betting man I would put my chips on "at some point in late 2018."