Fear Effect Sedna close up screenshot of the main character

The original Fear Effect is an action-adventure with horror and cyberpunk overtones that released for the PlayStation all the way back in 2000. It received some minor success and even spawned a sequel/prequel in 2001, after which the series more or less faded away into obscurity... until recently!

For reasons that are beyond my understanding, Square Enix has decided to revive the series by not only remaking the original Fear Effect, but also by publishing a brand new sequel - Fear Effect Sedna! The remake is set to arrive at some point later this year, but if you're wondering what Fear Effect has to offer, you might be interested to hear that Fear Effect Sedna has now arrived for both PC and consoles.

While it is a straight up sequel to Fear Effect, Sedna has decided to mix up the gameplay by moving away from the fixed-camera perspective towards a more top-down shooter/stealth game style. That said, Sedna is still mostly focused around storytelling and puzzle-solving, so if you're planning to grab it make sure you're not doing so because you're interested in a constant stream of fast-paced action.

I can't tell you much else since I haven't played any of the series, but you can learn more about it by heading over to Steam. And as final note, allow me to share with you the original announcement trailer. It should give you a good idea of what to expect from Fear Effect Sedna. Enjoy!