The Witcher 3 screenshot of Geralt and the Crones

[Update]: Geralt has officially been confirmed as Soul Calibur 6 guest character, and there is a brand new video showing him in action!

Earlier today the official Witcher Twitter account posted a brief teaser for some sort of new announcement, as well as a notice to come back tomorrow in order to learn more. As for the teaser itself, it is a fairly brief and rather cryptic quote relating to the famous Witcher stronghold: "Kaer Morhen’s old stones have witnessed many battles... Once more they'll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide... Check back tomorrow."

If you're looking for a straight answer I'm afraid you're out of luck as nobody currently knows what CDPR is teasing, but the most popular theory is that this is going to be an announcement for Geralt's inclusion in Soul Calibur 6. The above mentioned quote is phrased in such a way that it would perfectly fit the Soul Calibur announcer, and the Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen is a fairly iconic location that would make for a great stage to smack people around on.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Soul Calibur has never been on PC before, and since Soul Calibur 6 is going to be a multi-platform release it makes sense for the developers to include a popular character to draw the PC crowd in. After all, this wouldn't be the first time they've gone with a popular third-party character given that Darth Vader was present in Soul Calibur 4!

Whatever the case may be, we'll find out soon enough as CDPR is planning to release the full announcement within the next 24 hours.

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