Dota 2's immortals from the 2016 Compendium

While its very easy to crack jokes about the Windows Phone and its market share, I have to say that I'm quite surprised it took Valve this long to finally get an official Steam mobile app on its marketplace. Then again, they do operate on Valve Time, so I guess we shouldn't be too mad at those chronologically impaired.

Silliness aside, you can grab the Steam app by heading over to the Windows Store, and don't worry, the app is completely free. I don't personally own a Windows Phone or even know anyone with one, so I can't confirm whether the app works sufficiently well or not, but the initial reviews on the storefront seem to be promising, so here's to hoping everything ends up working out.

So what exactly does the Steam mobile app even do? It allows you to improve the security of your account with the Steam Guard multifactor authentication, send and confirm trades with friends, sell or buy in-game items through the Steam Community Marketplace, and naturally, rummage through the storefront in search of the best discounts during the currently ongoing Steam Summer Sale.

If you're a fan of trading with strangers on the Internet, you'll also be happy to hear that through the use of the multifactor authentication you will be able to bypass the 15-day item hold, and as such trade much faster and with a lot less hassle.