Garrosh Hellscream artwork for the Siege of Orgrimmar

Out of all the characters in World of Warcraft I am fairly certain Garrosh Hellscream is the most divisive one. Some hate him because he was essentially forced into a major role without having even a tiny bit of characterization, while others love him because he's exactly that - a brute that never wanted supreme power, yet ended up having to deal with the consequences nonetheless.

Whatever the case may be, death does not appear to be a major obstacle for Garrosh as Blizzard has just announced that he will be the next character to join the Heroes of the Storm roster. Twitter's embedding feature is a bit awkward to use, so if you're interested in seeing what he will look like you should head over to the original tweet.

There is currently absolutely no information about his abilities or playstyle, but if I was a betting man I would put all of my chips onto "rampant aggression and lots of hitting people over the head with an axe". To find out more you will have to wait until next week as he will be playable at the ChinaJoy event, which most likely means we'll also get a proper video reveal. As for us in the West, we'll be able to take a crack at Garrosh when he arrives to the HOTS PTR on the week of July 31st.