Civilization 6 Australian Outback Station improvement screenshot

The next Civilization 6 DLC pack will bring with it Australia as a playable faction, a first for the entire series. Australia will be led by Prime Minster John Curtin, and will come with two unique assets: a special infantry unit nicknamed the Diggers, as well as the Outback Station improvement, which is essentially a massive cattle ranch.

If you're interested in a brief overview of all these features, you'll find the official preview video down below. It doesn't really go in-depth, but it should still give you a good idea of what to expect from the Land Down Under. Here's the video:

Besides the DLC, Civilization 6 will soon be getting a free update containing Steam Workshop support, modding tools, as well as multiplayer team functionality. In other words, you will soon be able to easily create, share, and download Civilization 6 mods, which should go a long way towards helping ease some of the problems. As for the new multiplayer feature, its about as simple as it sounds. It allows you to team up with your friends in order to conquer the world before losing it all due to infighting.

There will also be numerous balance changes and bug fixes in this update as well, but most importantly of all, some AI improvements as well! The details, and this includes the release date, will be revealed a later time. If you would like to learn more as soon as possible, simply keep an eye on the Steam page for any news updates that might arrive over the next week or two.