Hitman screenshot from the Marakesh level

After being teased for about a week now the Mac version of the latest Hitman has now finally arrived. While Hitman was initially released in six episodes the Mac version will bundle all of the together into one package, so don't worry about grabbing a fragmented game - you're getting the whole thing.

There is one more very important thing you need to know before you go and grab yourself a copy, and that is the simple fact that the initial Mac version will only support AMD graphics cards. Feral has stated they will release more details regarding support for Nvidia and Intel graphics cards in the near future, but until then I would suggest not taking any risks and only buying Hitman if you're running an AMD GPU.

And speaking of risks, if you're not sure whether Hitman is something you might enjoy, worry not as there is now a free demo available. Simply head over to the official website and you'll be able to download the very first episode free of charge. Its essentially a giant tutorial level, but it should give you a good idea of what Hitman plays like. Enjoy!