Abandon Ship screenshot of a Kraken attack

Abandon Ship is a singleplayer strategy/adventure game most similar in tone to FTL. You'll have to take command of a single ship and its crew in order to explore the high seas, do a variety of story quests, deal with random events that might just bring you to the brink of death, and naturally, fight against pirates and giant monstrosities that would love nothing more than to chomp on your ship.

While the previous trailer mostly focused on the combat, today's video is all about exploration and the risks that come with it. So if you're interested in seeing what sort of locations Abandon Ship will allow you to rummage through, you'll find the gameplay preview right below. Have a look, its quite an interesting video:

Out of all the features shown throughout the video, I must admit I like the idea of the captain surviving the most. With FTL-like games there is no worse feeling than getting all the way to the very end, only to die to a random series of events you couldn't really do much about. So while drifting out into the open sea on lifeboat might not be the best situation, it at least offers you a chance to continue your journey! You're still taking a massive risk by bringing your expensive ship into uncharted waters, that element of danger isn't gone, but there's at least something you can do if the dice rolls decide to screw you over, and that I can certainly appreciate.

Abandon Ship will be coming to PC later this year, though I'm afraid no exact release date has been announced just yet. If you would like to follow its development moving forward, or just learn a little bit more about it, you should go to either Steam or the official website.

Abandon Ship screenshot of the map exploration