Sea of Thieves screenshot of some lovely scenery

Very rarely do you have a game whose title tells you the whole story, but with Sea of Thieves that's exactly the case. Its a multiplayer focused pirate adventure/exploration game where you'll need to search for hidden caches of treasures, pillage ships piloted by other players, and somehow survive the trip all the way back to port in order to cash in your booty - basically everything you would expect a pirate to do! Its a simple concept, that's for sure, but there is potential here.

If you're wondering what Sea of Thieves might look like, or better yet what it plays like, you'll find the recently posted E3 gameplay trailer right below. The video's a bit overly scripted for my liking, but it should give you a good idea of what Sea of Thieves is aiming to accomplish. Have a look:

Sea of Thieves is still in a pre-alpha state so there is very little information publicly available, but if you would like to learn just a little bit more I would suggest heading over to the official website. As for the release date, Sea of Thieves will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X in early 2018, though no specific date has been given just yet. And since I can offer you very little else, allow me to send you off with a couple of images: 

A giant Shark from Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves screenshot of a bunch of skeletons

Sea of Thieves screenshot of a dark duel