Sea of Thieves screenshot of a character looking out across an island

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer focused pirate adventure and exploration game that's all about searching for hidden treasure, pillaging ships piloted by other players, and then hopefully making it back to port before someone else returns the favor. It's a fairly simple concept, but it's one that has a lot of potential if executed well. 

If all of this sounds like something you would love to try out, you might be interested to hear that Sea of Thieves devs are running a Closed Beta test until 8am GMT on Monday, January 29th. The only catch is that you needed to join the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme before December 1st in order to get in, or just pre-order the game as that also guarantees beta access. Either way, there should be plenty of content to peruse on Youtube and Twitch, so even if you can't join the Closed Beta you'll still be able to get a closer look at what Sea of Thieves is really all about.

Speaking of which, if you would like to learn more about Sea of Thieves, or just follow it's development moving forward, I would recommend heading over to the official website. And as a final note, here's two trailer to send you on your merry way. The first one is a fairly short beta announcement, while the second video is a lengthy gameplay walkthrough from last year's E3. Enjoy!