Overwatch screenshot of the mighty Doomfist

After half a year or vague teasers and unconfirmed rumors Doomfist has finally arrived to the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm). Despite my expectations being set unreasonably high I must admit Doomfist has managed to surpass them with ease - he is ridiculously fun to play!

But first things first, if you're wondering who in the world Doomfist even is and what relevance he has to the Overwatch universe, you'll find the recently posted story trailer right below. Unlike the other cinematic shorts this one is done in a very anime-like art style, so even if you have no interest in Doomfist's backstory I would recommend giving it a look because of that alone. Anyway, here's the video:

As for whether Doomfist is going to change the meta, that's a difficult question to answer. One one hand he is fully capable of demolishing Winston and D.Va, two tanks that are at the forefront of any dive strategy, but on the other hand he is also an incredible flanker that thrives on chaos - something a dive team produces in spades. So whether he's going to be the savior or the scourge, I'm afraid I don't know, but what I do know is that he will be an amazing hero to play. Insanely hard to master, but if you manage to get a grip on him there is a ton of potential to exploit.

If you would like to give him a try, and you have the PC version of Overwatch, simply change your region to the PTR and you'll be playing in no time. Additionally, in order to speed up the download you'll need to first start the PTR download, cancel it after a couple of moments and exit Battle.Net, copy the entirety of your Overwatch directory into the newly created PTR one, and then re-launch Battle.Net. This will cut down your download from 10+ GB to around 1 GB in total. Have fun!