Dauntless screenshot of a giant hammer

As you might expect given its Monster Hunter influence, Dauntless is an upcoming RPG that's all about hunting down gigantic monsters with equally gigantic weapons, cleaving them in half, and then using their spikiest body parts to create even more ridiculous weaponry. Obviously Dauntless has plenty of features to set it apart from Monster Hunter, but the concept is pretty much the same.

If you're wondering how similar the two games truly are, check out the recently posted E3 teaser right below. It showcases some of the locations you can visit, some of the monsters you can annoy, as well as what combat looks like. Have a gander:

Dauntless is still in alpha so things are obviously not going to be polished, but I have to admit I'm disappointed by how meek the weapons appear to be. The monsters and the visuals in general look awesome, but the weapons just have no weight to them so it feels like the players are gently caressing the beasts instead of beating them down into a pulp. Hopefully this improves by the time Dauntless reaches release because having the combat feel satisfying is #1 requirement for any Monster Hunter inspired game.

To learn more about Dauntless, and perhaps even sign up for the upcoming beta test, you can head over to the official website. There's not much information available right now, but I'm sure the website will fill out as we get closer to release. Good luck with the beta key!