Watch_Dogs 2 screenshot featuring the main characters

If performance issues have been stopping you from finishing Watch_Dogs 2, you might want to give the newest patch a try. It has brought with it performance improvements for systems with low amounts of RAM, as well as a bit of optimization for Screenspace Reflections that should improve the overall performance. And if that doesn't help, there are now two new lower quality levels for Screenspace Reflections, so make sure to give those a try and see if they can help you.

Besides optimization tweaks this patch has also brought in support for the newer versions of DualShock 4 controllers, as well as the long-awaited music volume slider. If you're interested in all of the details, here are the full patch notes:

[Performance] RAM Usage Optimization – This patch optimizes a system memory usage which improves the game’s performance on systems with low RAM amount.

[Performance] Screenspace Reflections Optimization – This patch improves the overall performance of Screenspace Reflections and adds two new lower quality levels (Medium and High).

San Francisco Fog – The algorithm of the San Francisco Fog (aka “Karl”) appearing is improved with this title update.

Visual – The maximum value of the Pixel Density slider has been changed from 1.25 to 1.5 with this patch.

Sound – We have added a Music Volume slider.

Controller – Added support for the newer DualShock 4 controllers (ZCT2U models).

YourBoySerge Nerf – This .50 Cal sniper rifle has been the subject of some debate in the community, and is considered to be overpowered in online play. In this patch, we’ve reduced the number of rounds in the magazine from 6 to 1, and we will continue to monitor and balance this beasty rifle.

Fixed various minor issues with flickering.

Fixed various minor issues with incorrect window modes behavior.

Fixed various minor issues with the UI and text.