Vampyr screenshot of magic being used against human enemies

Vampyr is an upcoming vampire themed RPG from Dontnod, the studio behind the wildly popular Life is Strange. It's set to arrive this June 5th, bringing with it a story focused around a noble doctor that's trying to prevent a deadly plague from sweeping through London, a doctor that's also wrestling with a vampiric curse that forces him to feed on those he's trying so desperately to save.

While in-game you will have plenty of ways to choose your own destiny, the latest preview video shows off what happens when the good doctor fully embraces his bloodthirsty nature. So if you're up for seeing what Vampyr looks like in action, as well as get a couple of hints about the overall story, you'll find the video right below. Have a gander:

I would love to tell you more as I'm quite intrigued myself, but I'm afraid the developers are being quite coy with the details. That said, you can learn a little bit more about the setting by heading over to the official website, though again, don't expect much in terms of gameplay details just yet.

Once more concrete information gets revealed I'll make sure to cover it, but until then I'll leave you with this preview from last year's E3. It's a little bit outdated, but it should at least give you a general idea of what Vampyr is like. Enjoy!