Planetside 2 tank convoy

Ever since Planetside 2 received a massive rework back in April things have definitely started looking up it. The once stale metagame got shaken up by the addition of resource gathering and base building, while the continents themselves underwent significant changes in order to remove some of the more annoying bases and locations.

If you ever wanted to give the new and improved version of Planetside 2 a try, now would be the best time to do so as a massive patch just recently hit the live servers. It brought with it numerous new construction objects (everything from bunkers to vehicle pods), a better anti-cheat system, a whole bunch of balance changes and bug fixes, as well as a brand new weapon to toy around with. In other words, pretty much everything a cloned soldier could ever need!

And just in case you were doubting me when I said that the update is massive, you can find the whole set of patch notes over at the official forums. I would recommend brewing some coffee before you dive in because you're going to be stuck down that rabbit hole for quite a while!

On the other hand, if you've never tried out Planetside 2 and need a bit of help figuring out what in the world is going on, it would probably be a good idea to start with the cinematic trailer. It won't teach you any gameplay tricks, but it'll at least clue you in on the whole 1v1v1 warfare business and why exactly the Vanu are the best faction.