Zombie Mei from the Overwatch Halloween Terror event

With the Overwatch Wold Cup set to continue in the near future, I am very glad to say that Blizzard has now announced some much-needed improvements to the spectating system, tournament mode, and overall interface. All teams will come with unique in-game uniforms (with 'home' and 'away' variants), the spectating camera will be greatly improved, broadcasters will be able to create instant replays mid-broadcast, tournaments will automatically pause when players disconnect, and the list goes on for quite a while.

If you're interested in all of the details you'll find the most recent Developer Update right below. That said, its important to mention that this Developer Update is all about esports, so if you were hoping to hear something about the upcoming Mercy changes I'm afraid you're out of luck. Anyway, here's the video:

These changes might not sound very significant on paper, but I have a feeling they will greatly enhance the spectating experience. The biggest problem right now is that its nigh impossible to figure out what team you're spectating and what exactly is happening in the middle of a fight, so all of the upcoming changes pushing for easily recognizable characters and weapon fire are definitely on the right course. Whether they're successful or not, we'll find out soon enough as this system will be rolled out for the World Cup on November 3rd.