Gameplay video that shows what No Man's Sky is all about

Every single bit of information the developers behind No Man's Sky released so far was related to exploration, aliens, and sometimes even exploring aliens, but never did they go in to detail on what exactly you do in the game.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case as IGN has managed to sit down one of the developers, and over the course of a 20 minute long video go over the various gameplay features such as: gathering and crafting, combat, trading, and why exactly you want to explore these randomly generated worlds. Have a look:


While it certainly does look interesting, I'm still not convinced No Man's Sky is going to be as revolutionary as the hype machine behind it, mostly because the various elements in the video were made compelling because of the commentary, rather than the gameplay itself. 

However, judging a game without playing it first is a fool's errand, so I'll reserve my judgement for now, content with the fact that I finally have even a vague idea of what No Man's Sky is all about.

The final question, whether No Man's Sky is any good or not, will be answered when it finally releases on June 22.