Mighty No. 9 screenshot from the beta version

What do you think the proper course of action is when you encounter so many issues during development that you have to delay the entire thing not once, not twice, but three times already? 

If the answer was to create a trailer that somehow makes the already unfavorable public perception of your product go even further in the negative direction by making some rather... colorful remarks about its fan base then you would be absolutely correct, because the people behind Mighty No. 9's marketing did exactly that! Here's the recently posted Masterclass trailer, I hope you like memes:


I'll reserve my judgement for when Mighty No. 9 finally releases, but even when you ignore the cringeworthy narration the gameplay presented in the trailer just isn't very exciting. Its littered with enemies that do nothing but stand there and await the sweet release of death, all the while the presenter keeps using the same shoot and dash combination on everything without ever showing off all the cool combos you can create by mixing in boss power-ups.

Mighty No. 9 will be releasing on June 21, and this time we're guaranteed there will be no delays, so here's to hoping it ends up being a bit of fun despite its troubled development.

If you're interested in what a proper trailer would look like, however, they actually managed to create one last year and it looked somewhat good! Check it out before you go: