Space Engineers screenshot of a planet

With No Man's Sky now released on the PS4, Humble Bundle has decided to capitalize on the three day wait PC gamers have to endure by offering up 7 survival and exploration themed games to pass the time.

While this is a genre I'm not a fan of, mostly because all of the actually interesting games seem to be forever stuck in Early Access, I can at the very least say that Space Engineers is one of the most unique and creative games I've played in recent years. In other words, if you do decide to grab the Humble "Survive This" Bundle, make sure to go for the second tier ($5) as Space Engineers alone is well worth your time, provided you're into that sort of gameplay. 

Here's one of the trailers to hopefully give you an idea of what Space Engineers is all about:


As far as the other games are concerned, I'm afraid I have absolutely no knowledge of them and as such I can't give you much of an advice, but here's a list of everything included in this bundle:

Pay what you want:


Savage Lands (Early Access)


Pay more than the average of $4.92 (€4.44) to unlock:

Space Engineers (Early Access)

Rust (Early Access)

Shelter 2

Pay $14 (about €12.64) or more to unlock: