Volgarr the Viking official artwork and logo

The indie games published by Adult Swim are much like their TV shows: strange and often completely over-the-top. That doesn't mean they're bad, however! If anything, I would say that Adult Swim has managed to snag a whole bunch of talented indie developers under their wing as most of the games I've tried so far were really, really compelling.

If you've never given any of them a try, but you have a bit of free time to burn on a stack of creative indie games, you'll be glad to hear that the Humble "Adult Swim Games" Bundle has now arrived. Here's the list of games and the tier they appear in:

Pay what you want:

Small Radios Big Televisions


Westerado: Double Barreled

Volgarr the Viking

Pay more than the average of $7.01 (about €6.27):

Duck Game Special Content Update

Rise & Shine


Pay $12 (about €10.73):

Glittermitten Grove

Rain World

Frog Fractions 2

Pay $25 (about €22.35):

Duck Game White Duck Plush

Its very difficult to point you towards a single tier given how different all of these games are, but I can say that Rain World and Frog Fractions 2 are worth the money on their own. But if you only want to grab a few games on the cheap I would heartily recommend giving Volgarr the Viking a try as the gameplay is about as badass as its name. Have fun!