Ys Seven official artwork without logo

The Ys series has only recently made its transition to PC, but it appears that it has already managed to become a massive success as there are currently not one, but two Ys games arriving in the relatively near future. The brand new Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will be coming to PC and PS4 this September, while the newly announced HD port of Ys Seven will make its way to PC this summer.

Once Ys Seven comes to the PC you can expect to see upscaled and improved visuals, as well as all of the "features of a modern PC release". What exactly that means, the developers haven't clarified, but I'm guessing proper keybinding support, mouse & keyboard controls, and an options menu that contains more than two buttons. The previous ports offered exactly this and more, so hopefully the same will apply to Ys Seven.

The only other piece of information I can give you is that Ys Seven will be coming to Steam, GOG, and Humble this summer, though no specific release date has been given just yet. If you're interested in a brief sneak peek at what the PC version will look like you'll find the recently posted teaser trailer right below. Enjoy!