Gwent artwork showing Ciri and Geralt playing a game

If you're a fan of The Witcher 3's minigame, or just looking for a new card game to pick up, you might be glad to hear that the Gwent Open Beta is now live across all platforms. Simply head over to the official website, click that giant download button, and you'll be haggling with Trolls in no time.

But if you're someone that has never played The Witcher 3 (you should fix that little mistake) or even heard about Gwent before, I'll add the recently posted gameplay trailer right below. Unlike the vast majority of gameplay trailers this one actually does a great job of explaining what Gwent is and how it works, so its well worth checking out. Have a look:

As for whether Gwent is worth your precious time, that's a question I can't really answer objectively given that I've been playing it since the start of the Closed Beta. What I can say is that its monetization model is incredibly fair so you're never going to lack cards, and that the actual strategy behind your moves is far more complex and intricate than "slam the biggest number onto the board each turn". Long story short, if you're looking for a tactical and surprisingly deep card game then you should definitely try Gwent, its free after all!