Journey artwork showing a sand-swept ruin

Long before "walking simulators" were even thought of as a genre, Journey released as a thoroughly enjoyable exploration and adventure game. While the gameplay itself was relatively simplistic, none of that truly mattered as Journey was all about navigating the gorgeous world, taking in the sights, and slowly but surely piecing together the overall story. Or in other words, it was all about the journey!

However, despite receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from across the globe, Journey did have one major flaw - it was a PlayStation exclusive. Thankfully, it would appear that this will soon stop being the case given that Journey now has a store page on Epic's newly revealed Epic Games Store.

There are currently no actual details about what we can expect to see from the PC version of Journey, but I would imagine it's going to be pretty much identical to the PS4 version. On the positive side, what I can tell you right now is that Journey will be "coming soon!"

Once more information bubbles up, ideally alongside a full reveal, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, allow me to send you off with one of the PS4 trailers. Enjoy!