Overwatch screenshot of the Halloween Dragon Symmetra skin

Two weeks ago Overwatch received a rather significant update, one that has so far been an enormous boon to the competitive scene. Horizon Lunar Colony got reworked and is now a lot less attacker-friendly, there is a new Looking For Group system to help you find friends to play with, the Endorsement system has made people a lot friendlier and more talkative, and the long-forgotten Symmetra has received a gigantic rework!

In order to give players enough time to get used to her, as well as sniff out any potentially game-breaking issues, the newly reworked Symmetra did not immediately appear in the Competitive Play mode. Thankfully, Blizzard has opted to not repeat the same mistake they've done with Brigitte and hold Symmetra at bay for months on end, and so they've now fully unleashed her into Competitive Play - merely two weeks after her rework landed on the live servers!

I've only played a couple of competitive games with her, so take all of this with a few grains of salt, but she definitely has the potential to shake up the meta once people learn how to play her. You would think you'd have plenty of time to react to a teleporter popping up in front of you and the entire enemy team going through it, but as long as it's positioned even slightly out of sight it becomes incredibly difficult to stop the endless wave of bodies from crashing into your defenses. How exactly all of this is going to pan out, I genuinely have no idea, but it's going to be interesting to see what sort of compositions become viable solely because of Symmetra.

If there was one thing to criticize, it would be how horrible her primary fire feels. I have over two hundred hours with Zarya in competitive so I'm no strange to carving people up with lasers, but Symmetra's beam just doesn't do enough damage to be worth the effort.

No matter how much I tried, it always felt like I was using Zarya's beam at zero charge, which as you're probably well aware is just dreadful. In the end I simply started using the secondary fire as my main means of dealing damage, which while surprisingly effective, just didn't seem like the sort of thing Symmetra should be doing in fights. I'm not alone in these complaints, so hopefully Blizzard will do something about them in some of the upcoming patches.

Until then, have fun spamming supercharged orbs at people!