Just Cause 3 screenshot showing our hero throwing out someone out of a plane

After many, many months of work the Nanos Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is almost here. Starting tomorrow, December 20th, the JC3:MP mod will be available for everyone to enjoy, and most importantly, it will come with all of the server files! So if you ever wanted to host your own community servers, or even create your very own multiplayer game modes within Just Cause 3, you will soon have a chance to do so.

And if you're wondering how effective this whole mod even is, here's the recently posted teaser trailer. While the video does feature a variety of hilarious glitches and bugs, the important thing here is that the multiplayer mod seems to support a pretty damn impressive amount of simultaneous players. Have a look:

Besides the usual slue of bugs and performance problems, there is one very important thing you need to keep in mind with JC3:MP - there are no NPCs. Despite numerous modding teams attempting to get them to work over the years on both Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3, the games were simply not designed with multiplayer in mind, and as such syncing NPCs across multiple players has proven to be next to impossible.

And while that will most likely never change, you'll be glad to hear that most of the bugs and performance issues will. This initial beta is still fairly experimental, so problems are to be expected, but there will be a stable 1.0 release at some point in January or February. So unless you're willing to deal with some crashes and glitches I would recommend waiting for the first full release.