The United Empire artwork from Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2, the turn-based, 4X strategy game currently in Early Access, has just recently received its first major update. It has added a brand new major faction by the name of The United Empire, as well as three minor factions and a whole array of quests related to them. But perhaps most importantly, the turn limit has been increased, so you will now be able to continue playing even after achieving victory at turn 100!

And if you're wondering what this new "The United Empire" faction is all about, here's a rather Starship Troopers inspired trailer. The message is far from subtle, but I have to admit this is one extremely well done propaganda video! Have a look:

If you're interested in all of the changes that came along with Update 0.1.19, you can find the full patch notes by heading over here. But if you're just interested in the short version, here are the highlights:

• New major faction: The United Empire, which features economics-focused gameplay based on the generation and use of influence.

• Three minor factions: The Pilgrims & Amoeba factions from the original Endless Space, and the new Z’vali faction have been added.

• Minor faction quests: Players can now assimilate minor factions through various special quests.

• Increased turn limit: Players can now play up to 200 turns. Players can choose to continue their game after achieving a victory at turn 100.  

• Marketplace: Allows players to acquire resources and heroes in exchange for Dust.

• Technology Tree: Era 4 of the Tech Tree has been added, offering for more research paths, unlocks and buildings.

• Addition of deeds: Players will receive special rewards for performing specific actions.

The update itself is completely free, as it should be, so if you own Endless Space 2 chances are good that you already have it installed and ready to go! And if don't own Endless Space 2, however, I would recommend waiting for a couple of days to see if it pops up on one of the currently numerous Black Friday sales before deciding to grab it.

Endless Space 2 artwork showing off a pilgrim

Endless Space 2 The United Empire army marching - artwork