Soldier 76 from Overwatch, also known as Captain Morrison

With only one day left before the release of Overwatch Blizzard has decided to put the hype-train into overdrive and release the final animated short, for now anyway.

While the classic Blizzard animation quality is present within this one as well, its scope and overall themes are a lot less interesting than the previous ones, so adjust your expectations slightly. With that preamble done, enjoy the show:


The one thing I do greatly appreciate, even though its going to make me sound like a monster, is the fact that Blizzard finally allowed one of the Overwatch heroes to actually kill another person. Most of the death and carnage so far has been reserved for Omnics, while the average humans got off easy with a couple of bruises and some slapstick humor, a discrepancy that flies in the face of the rather messed up world they've created for Overwatch.

I also wonder what they plan to do with the Moon which is currently under the control of genetically enhanced gorillas, as per Winston's story. It has showed up multiple times now throughout the animated shorts, and it always remained in frame for a couple of seconds, clearly hammering in some point, though what it is I have no idea. Is it foreshadowing the arrival of a new level, or perhaps one of the 3-4 new heroes we know are in development? Only time will tell I'm afraid...

On a completely different note, that little Murlock pouch was adorable!

Finally, if you're still unsure whether Overwatch is worth your time and money I've recently done a brief review/critique after spending 20 hours with the open beta, so I welcome you to check it out by pressing right here.