King's Quest Chapter 5 screenshot

I often complain about Telltale and how slow they are when it comes to releasing their episodes, but when compared to The Odd Gentlemen and the modern reboot of King's Quest they aren't even worth mentioning. More than a year has passed since King's Quest - Chapter 1 first appeared, and only now are we getting the fifth and final chapter in order to conclude the story.

As for the release date, King's Quest - Chapter 5: The Good Knight will be arriving to the PC and consoles on October 25th. Furthermore, The Complete Collection will come with an added 'epilogue' chapter to tie up any loose ends, though it hasn't been confirmed it this will be granted for free to anyone that owns all of the previous chapters or not. I certainly hope so given that any other course of action is essentially a punishment to those that dared support the game from the very beginning.

If you've never played the modern King's Quest, but are a fan of adventure games, have a look at one of the trailers for The Complete Collection. Who knows, King's Quest might end up being right up your alley, and best of all, you won't have to wait an entire year like the rest of us! Here's the video:

And if you're still not sure whether King's Quest is something you'll enjoy, you'll be glad to hear that the first chapter is completely free on all platforms. You will find the link to the Steam version over here, so if you have a couple of hours to waste spend productively, give it a look. Have fun!