A strange camera monster from The Evil Within 2

While ambitious, the original The Evil Within was a bit of an unfocused horror game, constantly shifting between different gameplay mechanics even though some of them were clearly undeveloped. However, it definitely had potential, which is why I'm glad to say that during this year's E3 we received an official announcement for The Evil Within 2.

In The Evil Within 2 you will be playing as Detective Sebastian Castellanos who is forced to partner up with the shadowy organization Mobius in order to save his daughter from a grizzly fate. As you might imagine given the genre, things quickly take a turn for the worst and the originally simple mission quickly descends into chaos and madness. If you're wondering what kind of madness we're talking about, wonder not as the developers have recently posted a brief gameplay video showcasing just that. Have a look:

There is a lot of disjointed information about The Evil Within 2 floating around, but if you would like to get a good glimpse at what sort of game its shaping up to be I'd suggest going to Bethesda's blog. As for the release date, The Evil Within 2 will be coming to PC and consoles on Friday, October 13th. And finally, allow me to leave you with the completely bizarre, yet rather atmospheric cinematic trailer. Enjoy!