The Evil Within 2's giant eye in the sky

In The Evil Within 2 we will be taking on the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos who is forced to partner up with the shadowy organization Mobious in order to save his daughter. As you might expect from a horror game this unlikely alliance quickly takes a turn for the worst, while the once simple mission swiftly descends into pure madness.

If you're wondering what sort of madness we're talking about, wonder no more as the developers have just recently posted a video showcasing one of the many horrors that await us - the Giggling Guardian. The gameplay video is about 5 minutes long, and I would highly recommend you give it a look as its actually quite atmospheric:

To learn more about The Evil Within 2's world, or just what kind of horror game the developers are trying to create, I would suggest browsing through Bethesda's blog as it contains quite a few interesting articles and previews. As for the release date, you can expect to see The Evil Within 2 on PC and consoles this October 13th. And finally, say cheese!

Camera monster from The Evil Within 2