Subnautica screenshot of a Reaper Leviathan attack

The Epic Games Store, as you would imagine from the name alone, is Epic Games' newly revealed storefront that promises some pretty great features for both developers and players alike. For example, instead of the usual 30% cut you might find on Steam, the Epic Games Store will only take 12% off each purchase, and if the game itself was developed in the Unreal Engine, also waive the usual 5% royalty fee.

A pretty good deal for developers, there's no denying that, but not exactly relevant for the actual players. So in order to satisfy this second group, Epic Games have just announced that they will be giving away a new game every two weeks throughout 2019. The first free game will be the always-excellent Subnautica, available from December 14th to December 27th, after which you'll have a chance to grab Super Meat Boy from December 28th to January 10th.

Whatever your thoughts on Epic's storefront might be, this is a giveaway I would highly recommend you don't ignore. Both Super Meat Boy and Subnautica are truly excellent games, and while they might be in entirely different genres, both are something I would consider well worth playing. This goes doubly so for Subnautica as it's one of the very, very few games that have successfully managed to capture the serene beauty and unimaginable horror that comes with exploring the deep sea.

Once the giveaway goes live I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you with this brief trailer for Subnautica, just to pique your curiosity. Enjoy!