Overwatch screenshot of Soldier 76

If you ever wanted to give Overwatch a try, but didn't feel like spending €40 for the opportunity, you'll be glad to hear that the free weekend has now begun. You can find a download link and detailed instructions over at the Blizzard website, and I would recommend you head over there as soon as possible given that the free weekend will end on May 29th.

During the free weekend you will have access to the entirety of Overwatch: all of the heroes, all of the maps, all of the custom game modes, as well as all of the Anniversary Update cosmetics. And naturally, should you decide to buy Overwatch at any point in the future all of your cosmetic unlocks and experience will carry over.

I've spent well over 200 hours playing Overwatch this past year, and despite taking a couple of breaks from it I have always returned eager for more. As such I would heartily recommend you give the free weekend a fair shake, because Overwatch is just one of those games that are better experienced personally. And if you can try and get a couple of friends to join you, its significantly more enjoyable when you have at least one person you can rely on. Have fun!