Hitman screenshot from the lively Marrakesh episode

If you ever wanted to give the modern Hitman a try, now would be a very good time to do so! Not only can you currently check out the entirety of the Marrakesh episode, but if you simply install it before July 31st you will be able to play it even after the trial period goes away in August.

In terms of content, you'll be able to access the entire campaign mission, all of the Escalation Contracts, 20 levels of location mastery (will be relevant should you ever decide to purchase the full game), and naturally, all 120+ challenges. There really is a lot of stuff to do, so if you're even remotely interested in stealth games I would highly recommend you take IOI up on their offer and check out the busy markets of Marrakesh.

To learn more about this episode, as well as Hitman in general, you should head on over to Steam. And as a final note, I'll send you off with the recently posted teaser trailer. It's not exactly long, but it'll give you a bit of a sneak peek at the sort of locations you'll get to roam around in. Enjoy!