The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot of Alinor from the Summerset expansion

While it originally launched as a bit of a mess, The Elder Scrolls Online has slowly but surely managed to carve itself a comfortable niche among the incredibly competitive MMORPG genre. So if you would like to see what exactly has improved over time, as well as what The Elder Scrolls Online has to offer as a whole, you might be interested to hear that the developers have now announced a free weekend.

More specifically, from now until December 12th you can experience everything the base game and its Morrowind expansion have to offer, which should be enough content to keep you busy for quite a while. And if you find yourself itching for more, the most recent Summerset expansion will also be on a 50% discount until December 20th.

For those of you currently wondering whether The Elder Scrolls Online is even worth your time, I would say the answer is yes if you're a fan of the MMORPG genre. The reason I'm being this specific is because even though it shares a name with the immensely popular The Elder Scrolls RPG series, their gameplay styles are quite far apart. After all, The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO first and foremost, and that status brings with it a lot of benefits and drawbacks compared to a more classic RPG.

My babbling aside, you can learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as give it a try for yourself, by visiting Steam. Have fun, and I'll leave you with one of the recent E3 trailers: