Dragonborn vs Ice Troll artwork for the Elder Scrolls Legends card game

After a somewhat rough start, The Elder Scrolls Online have now managed to reach a truly impressive milestone - 10 million players! And what better way to celebrate such an achievement than with a free trial designed to get even more people to adventure through the vast regions of Tamriel.

The free trial is currently available across all three platforms (PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac) and will run until December 6th. You can learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online, or just download the game itself, by heading over to the official website. If you're not sure what you're even getting yourself into, here's the recently posted gameplay trailer to help you out. Have a look:

The free trial will give you access to the entirety of The Elder Scrolls Online base game, meaning all of the dungeons, classes, quests, and so forth. Furthermore, each new account will also receive 500 Crowns which they can spend in the in-game store on unique pets, experience boosters, cosmetics, or various convenience features. Any characters you created in the previous free weekends will be available during this trial as well, and the same applies for any future events or when you decide to purchase the game itself.

Besides the influx of new players, this update has also added a special Dungeon event that gives everyone a chance to win fancy cosmetics. All you have to do is complete a random dungeon via the in-game Dungeon Finder (this includes free trial players as well) and you'll have a chance to win anything from consumables to costumes and mounts. There doesn't appear to be any limit to how many boxes you can earn, so if you feel like getting a couple of cosmetics on the cheap, now would be the time to give the Dungeon Finder a look. Good luck and have fun!