The Elder Scrolls: Legends artwork featuring a steam golem

After the success of the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story expansion, the developers behind The Elder Scrolls: Online will soon be unleashing yet another adventure. The Return to Clockwork City expansion will bring with it 55 new collectible cards, 35 different missions spread across three chapters, two new mechanics to toy around with, and naturally, a brand new storyline to explore.

You can expect to see plenty of lost treasure throughout the campaign, as well as a variety of steam-powered machinery that you will need to assemble and upgrade in order to deal with the numerous threats that lie in the long-abandoned Clockwork City. As expected, the details are still in short supply, but if you would like to learn a little bit more about the lore and mechanics behind the Clockwork City expansion, you should head on over to the official website.

Much like the previous story expansion, the Return to Clockwork City will be available for purchase with either in-game gold or actual money. The gold price hasn't been announced just yet, but if the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion is any indicator each wing of the new adventure will set you back 1000 gold, meaning 3000 in total. Not a bad deal, all things considered. If you don't feel like grinding all that gold, however, you can just purchase the three wings for $20, which will also grant you an 'exclusive' alternate card art.

Whether you consider all of this to be worth the price, that I'll leave for you to decide. But do be quick as the Return to Clockwork City is set to arrive this November 30th for all platforms!