official artwork for The Elder Scrolls: Legends - The Fall of The Dark Brotherhood expansion

It has been almost an entire year since The Elder Scrolls: Legends was first revealed, and after many months and many updates it has now finally been officially released on the PC. If you're wondering if this release will be followed with some sort of account reset, worry not as pretty much nothing will change for existing players.

However, that doesn't mean the developers have no changes planned for the future. Besides the usual events, balance changes and bug fixes, The Elder Scrolls: Legends will also be getting a PvE expansion called The Fall of The Dark Brotherhood this April 5th. There will be numerous decisions to make throughout this story focused adventure, each of which will impact it's ending, and around 40 new cards to toy around with, including three new Legendary cards.

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood will be purchasable in-game as three individual maps or as a complete bundle for €20. Naturally, you can also buy it with in-game gold, so if you don't feel like spending any money make sure to start saving up as soon as possible and you might just have enough by April 5th.

If you would like to learn more about The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, or just check out some of the newly announced cards, you should head over to the official blog.