Falcon Lost incursion artwork from The Division

If you ever wanted to give The Division a try, but didn't really feel like dropping €60 on yet another Ubisoft open world game, you'll be glad to hear that there is a free weekend coming for the PC version. You'll be even happier to hear that Ubisoft doesn't know what a weekend actually is, as such the free-to-play period will last from 6pm GMT on December 15th until 9pm GMT on December 18th.

As an added bonus, The Division will also be on a 50% discount for the duration of the free 'weekend'. So if you would like to grab it, or just pre-load your copy so that you can jump in the moment the promotion goes live, head on over to the Ubisoft website.

And on a slightly unrelated note, The Division will soon receive a brand new PC exclusive patch that will enable DirectX 12 support. If it goes live during the free weekend you can expect to see slightly improved visuals and greatly improved performance, as well as much smoother controls for the madmen among you that prefer to play FPS games with a controller instead of a mouse.

So if you ever wanted to give The Division a try now would be the best time to do so. There will be plenty of new players to backstab cooperate with, most of the long-standing bugs have been fixed by now, and the performance will most likely be the most stable it has ever been. The Division might not be anything amazing, but I'd say its well worth a try at the very least, especially since its free! Have fun!