The Division screenshot of the classified gear

Whatever your thoughts on The Division may be, its still impressive to see Ubisoft support it despite the slowly dwindling playerbase. While the upcoming Update 1.7 may not revolutionize the entire game, it will bring with it some much-needed end-game content for players to explore.

The first of the new major features will be global events. They will appear once a month and last for around a week, bringing with them a variety of unique modifiers which will force players to adapt and adjust in order to succeed. Naturally, completing these types of difficult missions will give you a sizable amount of loot, including an event token that can be spent on Classified Gear Caches.

Classified Gear on the other hand will not offer a new way to play the game, but will give veteran players an approachable route to increase their power level without negatively impacting their existing gear. In order to do so all Classified Gear will drop at gear score 256, regardless of World Tier! As an additional bonus, players that collect six pieces of a Classified set will find themselves getting quite a nice boost in power, as should be expected given the effort required to collect all of it.

The third and final major part of Update 1.7 are Commendations. Long story short, they are a built-in achievement system that will provide players with a series of tasks, and naturally, a series of rewards depending on the difficulty. You can learn more about Commendations by heading over here, about Classified Gear by heading over there, and finally you can gleam a few more details about global events over yonder. Enjoy!