The Division Update 1.2

If you were itching for some more content in The Division you'll be glad to hear that Update 1.2, or more commonly known as Conflict, has arrived earlier today and the patch notes are quite extensive.

It brings with it the second end-game Incursion, new gear sets, mission types, ways to acquire loot, but also numerous balance changes and most importantly, bug fixes. Unfortunately, if the forums are to be believed anyway, an incredibly annoying bug came in with the patch, one that makes your character disappear... whoops!

If memory serves this exact same issue happened with Update 1.1, so hopefully the whole mess will be sorted out in the near future and everyone can go back to shooting each other in the backs.

To try out the brand new Incursion available in the Columbus Circle you will need to be level 30, appropriately geared, and ideally with three other equally skilled individuals. Normal and Hard Modes are currently available, but fans of difficult encounters will need to wait a week for the Challenge Mode to make its grand appearance. The exact date hasn't been announced just yet.

You will find the rather large patch notes over at The Division website, so if you're interested in all of the details make sure to brew up some coffee and prepare yourself for a lot of numbers.