Abandon Ship screenshot of a giant kraken attack

Abandon ship is an upcoming naval strategy/adventure game that seems to embody the same ideas as FTL. You have to command a single ship and its crew in order to explore a massive and randomly generated world, solve a variety of quests while avoiding danger, fight off pirates and attempt to keep your crew alive throughout the whole ordeal, and naturally, try and avoid having your ship chomped on by gigantic monstrosities that inhabit the uncharted deeps.

Since words alone won't give you a 'proper' idea of what Abandon Ship is all about, I am very glad to say that the developers have now released an extremely lengthy gameplay preview. So if you have even a bit of interest in Abandon Ship, or games in this type of genre, I would highly recommend you give the video below a look. Have a gander:

Abandon Ship is set to arrive on PC in early 2018, a few months later than previously estimated. On the positive side, the developers are delaying it in order to ensure as polished of a release as they can manage, so hopefully the wait will pay off. Until then, you can learn more about Abandon Ship, or just follow its development, by heading over to either the official website or Steam.

Abandon Ship screenshot of two ships dueling